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 Hello Friends,

New seasons bring on new changes, some more unexpected than others. We've found ourselves there and have made the decision to close the shop in order to make the main thing the main thing in this season. If you would like to order hand stamped bracelets, please go visit Allie at the Gilded Line and she will gladly help you create words that matter! We started this little shop as a fundraiser together and she is soaring on, so proud of her and how she's speaking life! Her creativity and passion are flourishing and for that I am forever thankful. She is a jewel and I'm so happy to hand you off to her. 

It has been a joy to send your words of love and affirmation out into the world and as we work through this season, we may end up circling back here, who knows? But the one thing we do know is that life is meant to be lived with open minds and open hands, not clinging to tightly to anything in order to continue to move forward with the changes that come. Thank you so much for every single purchase that sent love out wildly into the world! Don't you dare stop now. There's so much left to be spoken...

Grace and Peace,

Amanda and Jax